Student Self Leadership Day

Often described as a life changing experience a Brilliant Attitude "Self Leadership Day" is a fun, fast paced experiential day specifically designed for students of all cultures, religions and ethnic backgrounds. 

A Brilliant Attitude Student Self Leadership Day is ideally suited to a wide range of students from years 9, 10, 11, and 12, especially VCAL and VET groups as it targets many of the challenges they face every day not only at school but also in their personal lives. The self development program delivers instant, measurable long lasting improvements to their attitudes and communication skills in just one day.

Brilliant Attitude School Leadership Day

Some of the benefits and skills students will gain from our Student Self Leadership Day include -

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Student Self Leadership Programs

"Change your Attitude and you will Change your Results"

All change takes place at the unconscious (emotional) level.

Most information and teaching is taught to to the conscious mind but if we want to change how we feel about ourselves and our results then we need to influence our unconscious mind.

It is not just about motivation. It is an experience that inspires students and teachers to take action to be the best they can be using stories, interactive exercises,  music, demonstrations and magic. We also use our world famous LBC teaching method.

The day finishes with what many students say is a life changing experience of "Breaking Through Fears" that are holding them back.

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What Students Say About

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"It was life changing. It gave me a new perspective on life. I would love to come and do it again. WOW! is all I can say." Tabita, Fountain Gate Secondary College. Victoria.

"It was empowering. Now I feel less judged and feel more important. My self confidence is higher after today as before it was low and I was shy." Callum, Calvin Christian College. Tasmania.

"When I first came in I thought it would be another boring seminar where some bloke goes on and on. I was wrong and learnt new things about my self." Alec, Taminmin High School, NT

"It taught me to take action and get up and do something." Bernadette, Patterson River Secondary College

Student Self Development Programs from Brilliant Attitude

"I learnt how I make shit up in my head, I would love it if every teenager experienced this. It should be more mandatory than English class's." Courtney, Gunnedah High School. NSW.

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Brilliant Attitude School Leadership and Corporate Leadership Programs

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