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Start Your Conference with a Brilliant Attitude

A Brilliant Attitude presentation is not your usual conference presentation. Bob will keep your delegates totally involved with demonstrations, group activities and even magic tricks.

"Research shows that the difference between and ordinary and an extraordinary conference is how well your keynote speaker can inspire and motivate your delegates in the first 90 minutes, with a dynamic opening keynote address."

A Brilliant Attitude presentation is ideal for -

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Keynote Speaker - Bob Allwright from Brilliant Attitude

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Bob Allwright is one of Australia's leading speakers and trainers in personal development and advanced learning techniques.

Bob has presented to businesses and organisations throughout Australia and across the Asia Pacific region as a keynote speaker and trainer.

Keynote Speaker - Bob Allwright, Brilliant Attitude

Bob has an enormous knowledge about the way the human mind works and what shapes human behaviour. He will use this to help your delegates approach their roles in your organisation with a Brilliant Attitude, each and every day.

One of the key ingredients to a successful conference is starting out with a great keynote speaker. The keynote speaker of your conference will get your delegates in the right frame of mind and help to set their attitude for the remainder of the conference.

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Brilliant Attitude School Leadership and Corporate Leadership Programs