Student Self Leadership Day

Often described as a life changing experience a Brilliant Attitude "Self Leadership Day" is a fun, fast paced experiential day specifically designed for students of all cultures, religions and ethnic backgrounds. 

A Brilliant Attitude Student Self Leadership Day is ideally suited to a wide range of students from years 10, 11, and 12, especially VCAL and VET groups as it targets many of the challenges they face every day not only at school but also in their personal lives. The self development program delivers instant, measurable long lasting improvements to their attitudes and communication skills.

Brilliant Attitude School Leadership Day

Some of the benefits and skills students will gain from our Student Self Leadership Day include -



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Corporate Programs

Brilliant Attitude offers a number of different services and programs for our corporate clients.

Brilliant Attitude Corporate Programs

Keynote Speaking for Business Conferences

Employment Agency Job Seeker Programs

Brilliant Attitude Corporate Programs focus on team building, and maximising the performance of the employees. We have a number of clients in Australia and throughout Asia that have benefitted from our programs.

“I learnt that commitment is very important. With the right attitude and positive values, we can achieve great things in life. I was inspired by the games especially the board breaking experience which shows us that if only we can overcome our fears, nothing is impossible. This was an amazing, life discovering experience”

Michael Yeo, MBF Cards

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Brilliant Attitude School Leadership and Corporate Leadership Programs
Brilliant Attitude School Leadership and Corporate Leadership Programs