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Bob Allwright is one of Australia's leading speakers and specialised trainers in personal development, advanced learning and reading techniques. His friendly nature and inspiring personality have him in high demand in schools, colleges, universities, jails and organisations around Australia and across the Asia Pacific region.

Bob has a wealth of life experiences. Happily (in fact, ecstatically) married for 33 years. He has two sons who are very successful in their own right. Migrating to Australia as a teenager, he always found that the conventional education system did not work for him. Bob became an entrepreneur at a young age and has established several thriving businesses. Bob has travelled extensively, raced cars, qualified as a commercial pilot, an accredited four wheel drive instructor, dog obedience instructor, and more recently an author.

Bob's enormous knowledge of the human mind is supported by his own wealth of life experiences. Bob is proficient in the use of NLP (neuro linguistic programming), Neuro Associative Conditioning and Ericksonian hypnosis. This keeps Bob at the forefront of advanced learning and mind technologies.

Bob has studied personal development and self-improvement for over 18 years, and has worked all over the world as a Senior Leader with the Anthony Robbins organisation. Bob has also studied with Brian Tracey, Tom Hopkins and Dr John Demartini.

Bob is a full-time trainer, coach and speaker, based in Australia. He has an unwavering passion to share his knowledge and imporove the lives of others.

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Brilliant Attitude is a not for profit organisation that is founded on the guiding principle of developing ones own Thoughts, Feelings and Actions as well as overcoming limiting beliefs that hold us back. Then using this knowledge and skills to empower ones self and others to achieve their true potential.

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Today's world is full of violence, drugs, low self- esteem, high unemployment, teenage suicide and depression. We must develop people to live with a Brilliant Attitude just as much as we educate them.

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Bob's current passion is 'Transformalife' - a new children's charity.

Through Transformalife, he has started to holistically educate the minds and the emotions of children in schools in Myanmar (Burma).

Find out more about Transformalife.

Transformalife - changing childrens' lives through holistic education

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Brilliant Attitude School Leadership and Corporate Leadership Programs